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My name is Robert Ward  I’m currently enrolled at Chemeketa Community University pursuing a master degree in Computer Science and Information Systems. I live in the great green state of Oregon. The capital more precisely.
I am really interested in open software development. I enjoy tinkering with the latest electrics as well. I am some what lucky being a Linux user. All the software is usually developed for people in this category.  I have experience in a few different fields so far and I enjoy sharing my experience with others either on IRC, or community forums. I don’t consider myself a web developer, but that is currently were most my experience is.  Working on my certifications and degrees I plan on becoming a Network Administrator and possibly other things that interest me.  Some of my other interests are in language and I am not talking about programming languages. I am currently learning Japanese and plan on learning several other languages.  I enjoy sports, but lean towards football and basketball mostly. My favorite teams are the Seahawks and Trail-Blazers respectively.

There are several reasons why Internet Explorer(IE) is a horrible web browser.   Probably the worst thing of all is the fact it is in place on the majority of computer systems arounNO IEd the globe. So anyone that knows nothing about computing is left with the worst possible solution.  IE doesn’t follow the same strict HTML guide lines that all other browsers and web developers follow and they don’t seem to much care. All of the supposed innovations coming from the browser are just mimic features from the open-source and very popular Mozilla fire-fox browser and now with the added support with Google Chrome IE doesn’t stand a chance.

It is simply a dinosaur that needs to be put out of its misery. On Microsoft’s IE website they claim full compliance, but yet other browsers that do in fact have compliance display websites completely different than IE.

Fortunately, for us the web is changing and people are finally starting to understand the importance of a good browser. Not only from a web developers stand point, but an end users security. Microsoft just can’t keep up. Despite the fact Microsoft is a billion dollar company with one of the richest men in the world at is helm it will never replace the quality of an open source alternative that can be constantly updated and over looked by thousands of developers from around the world. Latest statistics prove the change in the web is happening Browser Usage Statistics I recommend that everyone switch to IE and leave this prehistoric piece of software to rest. This isn’t some anti-microsoft speech it is simply not capable of keeping up with the ever changing features of the web.

Firefox has literally thousands of add-ons either free or commerical that solve a ton of problems and really make the browser your own.
Google Chrome probably one of the most intuitive interfaces for a browser yet. It is sleek and fast. As usual Google is the fore runner in innovative web technologies.  Safari is by far one of the best browsers to date. Probably one of the fastest in all categories, but don’t take my word for it.

Simple Calculator

Here is a simple calculator I made for a class project. This should work on all machines. If you want to use this on a linux machine you need to launch it with your java console.

PHP Projects

Page counter with no database and only a picture file

I was on phpfreaks.com forum and a user had a problem. They wanted to have a website counter, but didn’t either have access to, or didn’t want to use a database. There was a couple options offered by a few users, but none the person liked. So I offered one and this is the one he liked.
Unless modified this will only work on Unix machines. The folder holding this file needs the proper permissions and the image file needs to be writable.
$command = "find /var/www/test/test/*.jpg";
$file = exec($command);

$info = pathinfo($file);
$file_name =  basename($file,’.’.$info[‘extension’]);

$realstring = $file_name;
$useimage  = imagecreatefromjpeg($file);
$linecolor = imagecolorallocate($useimage,233,239,239);
$textcolor = imagecolorallocate($useimage, 255, 255, 255);

imagestring($useimage, 5, 20, 10, $realstring, $textcolor);

header(“Content-type: image/jpeg”);
<img src=”test.php”>
$file_name = $file_name + 1;
rename($file, “/var/www/test/test/”.$file_name.”.jpg”);

Page counter with no database

Another person asked for a counter that blends better with their website.

Example : Site Counter Text

Unless modified this will only work on Unix machines. The folder holding this file needs the proper permissions and the text file needs to be writable.
$command = "find /var/www/test/test/*.txt";
$file = exec($command);

$info = pathinfo($file);
$file_name =  basename($file,’.’.$info[‘extension’]);

$file_name = $file_name + 1;
rename($file, “/var/www/test/test/”.$file_name.”.txt”);

echo $file_name;


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The Goddard School  –  Private Preschool & Educational Daycare

Goddard Community  – Goddard Riverside Community Center